Top Reasons Why You Need a Home Inspection Consultation Before Moving into a New Home

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Buying a new home is a thrilling experience and the biggest investment for a majority of people across the globe. Purchasers concentrate on customizing their home with cozy interiors like paint, tops, floor covers, etc. This excitement of buying a new home may lead to neglect of the aspect of a home inspection to your new home. Home inspection consultation is a mandatory part of the homebuying procedure that can benefit you by saving loads of time and money in the future. A home inspection consultation from reliable service providers can offer unparalleled understandings of the property’s construction, along with an opportunity to avoid costly repairs on the home in the long run.

What Is a Home Inspection Process?

A home inspection is the process of evaluation by third-party evaluators that examine the structure of the home, appliances, systems, and all other crucial features. Home inspection consultation experts will examine the property, report on their findings. This will be your report card to contact the seller or builder to repair any unforeseen problems before finalizing the deal on your home or if you are the owner during the construction of a new home. A home inspection can make sure that you are getting a hassle-free and secure property, your investment is streamlined and you don’t have to deal with any kind of huge repairs when you move-in to a new home.

Top Reasons Why You Need to Consult a Home Inspector Before Moving into a New Home:


New Homes:

A new home would consist of several newly installed parts. If you take a look at all the different persons who play their role in crafting your new home you will understand the aspects involved in constructing a new home. Hence, if the issues are identified during a home inspection, it will let the builder or homeowner correct them before moving in. This will ensure the safety of your family by addressing the major issues in the newly built home. There may be some minor touch-ups that will be required after you move in, but there will be no hassle of major works during your residence.

Some common problems that are initiated during new construction home inspections are:

  • Leaks in windows and walls.

  • Cracks in the foundation, poor grading, and framing.

  • Drainage problems that may lead to structural problems in the future.

  • Loose connections or improper functioning thermostats.

  • Electrical issues like wrong wiring outlets, exposed groundings, and absent switch plates.

  • Plumbing problems including wrong piping, leakages, and many more.

Clear Your Doubts:

A Home inspection consultation will give a chance to the buyer to clear their doubts by asking questions to the inspectors. You may want to ask about the durability and quality of some appliances and various functional parts. While they may not be able to accurately guarantee the lifespan of these appliances or parts, their suggestions will aid you to ask the builder to replace the items or make impactful decisions as a homeowner. They may also advise you of certain maintenance tips once they finish the inspection procedure that will be beneficial if you are buying the home for the first time. You will get a clear explanation regarding the deviations of your home design and other parts.

Allows You to Avoid Judging the New Home by Looking with the Naked Eye:

Some people may find home inspection to be a waste of money, especially for new homes. But it is evident that regardless of whether a new home or buying a used one, there will be some issues that may be hidden from the builder or homeowner. You may want to get an expert opinion on the various aspects of house wiring, plumbing, structural problems just to be sure about the complete process. Adding to this, if you are looking to build on the interior, then you will get a preliminary report on all the other crucial elements.

The Builder’s Inspection May Not be Beneficial for You:

Many builders will hire their home inspectors when the new homeowners arrive at the site to look for potential problems. These home inspectors that are invited by the builders, will be paid by them, that can lead to being partial in their process. An inspector working for builders in the interest of them might not pay attention to all the important aspects. There may be some builders who will not want to allow any other home inspectors on to the new home. You may have to agree to allow your home inspector to the new home before making the deal and also include all the important points that are given in the home inspection report.

Negotiating the Price of the New Home:

As the process of the home inspection is done, a home inspector will give you a comprehensive report aiding you to decide if your investment is in the right direction. It will give you a clear view of the mistakes and limitations of buying the property that will come in handy while negotiating the price for your home. Hence, the majority of new home buyers take the aid of inspection services to know the worth of the property depending on the condition and geographical location. You will have proof of all the material and structural conditions in your hand while you strike the deal.

Bottom Line:

New construction home inspection consultation lets you be upbeat about your new home purchase. A timely home inspection can let you get to the root cause of the actual problem and repair it completely before its complete damage. Get an inspection from MY Home Inspector Pro who specializes in an existing home, Commercial property, new home construction, and pre-listing inspections. We cover comprehensive home inspection consultation and provide a report that includes a comprehensive analysis of the home, with pictures and a summary of safety items as well as things demanding repair or replacement.

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